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About Us

Corner 4 Caregivers is a non-profit established in 2017 to mentor adolescent youth girls supporting their growth and development through relationship building college readiness and preparedness; in addition, exploratory and educational expeditions expanding beyond the classroom.

It is named for a caring and benevolent soul Esther B. McCreary, a small town housekeeper of Atlanta, Georgia who relentlessly cared for others from the rich and wealthy to the homeless and less fortunate offering her time and talent.  Even with the smallest paycheck, she continued being an assertive and fully engaged grandmother while impacting strangers, friends, and family.

She was a pillar in her neighborhood patronizing local businesses, unifying her community, communicating the need to treat people with love and kindness through gift-giving, feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, and demonstrating how all stakeholders could come together and build.

Our Vision

To impact communities joining all stakeholders: families, local businesses, health and wellness agencies, and educational enrichment entities developing networks of resources providing support to caregivers, mentoring youth, and enriching districts with continuous awareness creating a global care society.

Our Mission

Corner 4 Caregivers will continue to extend within local communities bridging families, local businesses, health and wellness agencies; in addition, to educational support and enrichment entities through workshops, community and social events impacting society inspiring equity among all stakeholders.

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