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Updated: Dec 12, 2023

As a child, people tell you to have a plan that guides you throughout your life. But, they didn't tell you to plan for worse case scenarios.

I had it all planned out

I was once in your shoes lost, confused, and unprepared to care for my mother. Teachers, mentors, and professors encouraged me to have a plan A and plan B for my life; but, I don't recall conversations, Powerpoints, plans, or templates that modeled care for my mother who was diagnosed with Corticobasal Degeneration, a type of Dementia.

In 2002, my world turned counterclockwise 360 degrees. My mother masked her confusion, sorrow, and transparency. She was not the only one in denial, so were we.

I prayed asking God question after question. What had I done as a child to deserve this? Was I being punished for leaving home even though my mother told me God had not approved my journey into Texas? Had God and my grandmother made a pact with each other that would drive me back home?

PAUSE! Take a deep breath.

I was a mother caring for her daughter who had just begun getting acquainted with her new life; while, placing a smile on my face daily hiding the pain I had embedded inside. Overcomed by a spirit of darkness and defeat, I was afraid to talk to others whose parents were fully cognitive, ashamed people would view my mother as a leper, and apprehensive to face the realization my mother would no longer remember my name.

Accepting this plan was difficult! I had to rewrite my plan.

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Wow, Tee, these are really powerful and true statements!!! Great food for healing, thoughts, encouragement and direction!!!

Tunissia Stone
Tunissia Stone

Thank you @mhinesman continue following to learn and contribute more.

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